What to Know About ...

the 2022 Meijer Gardens Butterflies are Blooming Exhibition

Butterflies are blooming in Grand Rapids! The time has come again to celebrate the annual butterfly exhibition at Meijer Gardens. This year, the Fred and Dorothy Fichter Butterflies Are Blooming exhibition will take place from March 1–April 30. For 27 years, this has been the biggest temporary tropical butterfly showcase in the United States. Visitors can come to see over 60 different species of these magical insects fluttering around the Lena Meijer Tropical Conservatory and can expect all-ages programming throughout March and April.

What to Expect:

Butterflies, of course! If you've never had a chance to see the Meijer Gardens butterflies (or Meijer Gardens), then you're in for a natural spectacle rivaled only by the top conservatories around the globe. The sculpture park and expansive outdoor area offer plenty to see for those who feel like walking around outside, but the stars of the show will be found indoors.

The butterflies spend their time in the Lena Meijer Tropical Conservatory, the largest in Michigan. Visitors concerned about butterflies hiding among the trees and leaves need not worry—there are multiple stations set up along the pathway and at the base of the great palms that attract the butterflies with fruit and sugary water. This means everyone can expect personal encounters with the newly-emerging butterflies as they float around the room, especially on sunny days. While the instructions are not to touch the butterflies, it is not uncommon for them to briefly land on you as you walk around, and staff will stop you before exiting to make sure none of the butterflies accidentally leave with you.

This is a very popular exhibition that attracts hundreds of people from all over the country. Visitors to Meijer Gardens can expect to wait an hour or more in line, depending on the day and time of arrival. It is recommended that you call ahead if you are curious about the current wait time. The line will wind through each of the other rooms in the conservatory, and visitors can see a wonderful variety of flora from around the world.

Know that you will be waiting in a very warm and humid space. If you're planning on visiting the butterflies this year, you should not only plan your arrival time but also be mindful of the temperature. What many visitors do not consider is that the plants growing at Meijer gardens thrive in much higher temperatures than a typical houseplant. The Lena Meijer Tropical Conservatory stays at a consistent 85°F with 70% humidity. This isn't much of an issue on a normal day when you can walk in and out of these rooms as you please, but during the butterfly exhibition, you will be waiting in line and should think about wearing layers that you can remove in some of the warmer rooms.

Additional Information:

  • Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park Regular Hours: Monday–Saturday (9 a.m.–5p.m.), Sunday (11 a.m.–5p.m.)

  • Extended Exhibition Hours: Search for butterflies by flashlight every Tuesday night during the exhibition until 9 p.m.

  • Spring Break: Meijer Gardens will stay open until 9 p.m. on April 1 and April 4–8

  • There is no extra fee to see the butterflies; regular admission information can be found here.

  • No tripods allowed. Monopods are acceptable as long as users are mindful of other visitors.

Address & Contact Information:

Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park

1000 E Beltline Ave NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49525

(616) 957-1580