“States of Matter” (print) Lost Pilots Lit 2022

*nominated for a Pushcart prize

"No one really talks about the romance in thermodynamics. // I suppose this is because melting is both disappearing and another mess to clean up."

“For You, Blue Friend” DEAR Poetry Journal 2022

"I hope where you are there’s a window. That the window frames a tree or two and the leaves haven’t spilled themselves all over the ground yet."

“Central Illinois Visitor's Guide” Cider Press Review 2022

"We're losing the games we made up only to throw loose stones— / that Mississippi sediment"

“Gross Domestic Product” EcoTheo Review 2022

"Surely it is sick with all its counting. Sick, too / of selling the numbers which mean nothing"

Some Mornings You Know It by the Symptoms Rogue Agent 2022

"Index, middle, and thumb fingers / go numb right as they get to work,"

Looks Like They Haven't Discovered Time Travel Yet Kissing Dynamite 2021

"If you're reading this, no one / came back with the solution we"

Lunch Break Poetry Breakfast 2017

"Outside the writer / watches some begging / birds hopping around"

One Million Solar Masses Poetry Breakfast 2017

"Crows, murderous and coughing, / leave the evening wire meeting with"


Not Hearing the Wood Thrush by Margaret Gibson Porter House Review 2019

"Two epigraphs open Margaret Gibson’s new collection, Not Hearing the Wood Thrush; the first, from Heraclitus, asks, “How can you hide from what never goes away?” The question is equally fueled by desperation and wisdom, from a voice frightened by a familiar haunting."